The Porsche GT4 story

Navigating the Porsche journey: Unveiling the unexpected, from decision dilemmas to a thrilling GT4 finale

Porsche Gt4 Passo Pordoi

Once upon a time in the land of adventures, there I was, all hyped up and ready to get my first Porsche. Now, I have this quirky habit of capturing everything with pictures, but guess what? In the midst of my excitement and emotional rollercoaster, I totally failed! I should’ve hired a photographer, just like those fancy weddings do! But alas, there’s no turning back time to get those missed shots. Nevertheless, I put my storytelling skills to work, weaving this wild ride into an emotional tale.

Twists and turbulence

During this turbulent period between 2021 and 2022, supply issues began to arise. Delivery dates were extended, options disappeared from the configurator, and prices were fluctuating. However, the dealer kept his promise. Right when my wife and I were chillaxing in Sicily, BAM! An email surprise! Dealer asking when am I swinging by to get that sweet ride? It cought me off guard. You know what’s in order after such a twist while lurking in Italy? A toast with Aperol Spritz!

My unimagined pick up

I always fantasized about an epic road trip to get my joy car, but in this case the dealer was just 100 km km away. The choices I had? Hire a transporter or seize the wheel myself? The overthinker in me had no doubts; I grabbed the reins and brought in my trusty pals to avoid any mishaps in the heat of emotions. The journey commenced in a familiar fashion, just like countless adventures before, with my good and trusted BMW. The inline-six engine dutifully roared to life, and we hit the road. Our first stop: Gorenjska, where we picked up a ride with a trailer, setting our sights on the road via Ljubelj Pass to Klagenfurt.

Why settle for a transporter when you can turn the journey into a wild adventure, right?

The E39 Irondrop

A toast for a new journey

Porsche Center Kärnten was like a massive car jungle, with so many cars that we had to park on the driveway. The salesperson was a champ, patiently handling my never-ending list of questions during the remote purchase. And guess what? He turned out to be a cool guy in person too! So, we met up, had a coffee, and me being the ever-doubtful skeptic, I just had to sneak a peek under the cover to male sure no options were missing. Phew, all good! With a dramatic flourish, I unveiled the cover, hoping for a swirl-free paint! He handed us the vital documents, thoughtful gifts and a two glasses of champagne – woo-hoo! A celebration was in order; my wife and I clinked glasses, toasting our new Porsche journey. The guys loaded and secured the car onto the trailer, and off we went towards home. Dinner followed, celebrating like victorious Porsche champs!

I couldn’t resist wondering if the cover is paint-safe!

Optimizing the quest

Picking out the perfect ride was a wild ride itself! I flirted with the idea of snagging the 981S, but my inner speed demon was craving that elusive X73 suspension and a limited slip differential, pushing me straight into the loving arms of the GTS. Hunting for a used GTS felt like searching for a needle in a haystack, and the prices were playing hard to get. So, in a plot twist, I decided to take the plunge with a brand-new 718 GTS 4-liter with a lineup of killer options like sport suspension, racetex interior, and course, LSD. Turns out, this is a bargain Porsche, especially when you factor in the risks of rolling the dice on a used one. Who knew my quest would end with a shiny new Porsche?

Go big when in doubt

Once I dove into the configurator, I decked out my 718 GTS 4.0 in a dazzling aventurine green, with gunmetal wheels and black brake calipers. A color combo I saw once on Rennlist and never stopped drooling over. However, something still felt off, as if the the car was having an identity crisis with its black air intakes and skinny rear wheels.  So, I embraced the YOLO philosophy and upgraded to the GT4, which is like the superhero version without any fashion faux pas. As a die-hard fan of sporty suspensions, it’s only fair to roll with a car that once flexed its suspension muscles as the brand’s top-tier superstar.

I grabbed the reins and brought in my trusty pals to avoid any mishaps in the heat of emotions.

The Gt4 Story Towing

Less is more

The GT4 options? Pretty basic. The must-haves are standard anyway: a naturally aspirated high-revving six-cylinder engine, a limited-slip differential, and a good old manual gearbox to keep things exciting. The carbon bucket seats are an optional extra, but they do elevate the driving experience and guilt-trip you into staying fit. I played it safe with GT silver because I lacked the guts for guards red or racing yellow. Boring, but oh so effortless! The other little details, like black brake calipers, black lettering, and PDLS+ lights, are all about looking sharp or showing off my designer aspirations.

Lesser options mean less weight!

Porsche Passo Attack