The initial glimpse of a new room

Part 5: Vintage ES Theater II is beginning to take form for the very first time

Sony Es Theater Part Deux Start

The construction crew arrived on March 7th, and within days, walls began to emerge rapidly, much like  mushrooms sprouting after rainfall. By the tenth day, ceiling insulation in the second floor had been installed, with an extra layer of rockwool squeezed in. The total depth of the ceiling absorption now measures 70 cm, hopefully ensuring effective acoustic performance (and, of course, thermal insulation as well). Following this, the installation of electrical wiring began, with the crew starting by laying out the power and speaker cables.

Now, there’s a palpable sense of spaciousness within the room, looking remarkably improved at this stage. Compared to the old room, it offers 40% increase in area, representing a substantial improvement in both size and functionality. Once the electrical wiring is finished, the HVAC team arrives to ensure optimal climate control, guaranteeing a comfortable environment all year round. Air conditioning was among the features I missed most in my old room, particularly during the summer when the accumulated heat from all the equipment made the space uncomfortably warm.