Drawing the electrical wiring plan

Part 3: Providing power with extensive cable management

Vet2 Electrical Wiring Plan Black

Due to my limited spatial perception, creating a 3D plan became imperative to resolve all details as optimally as possible. However, when it came to the electrical plan, intended for the engineer responsible for electrical installations within the prefab house provider’s team, opting for a 2D sketch proved to be a simpler approach.

The key is to anticipate all wiring scenarios to avoid headaches when adding cables for additional equipment.

Floor outlex boxes are also a great way handle to cable management

Strategic cable management

Starting, of course, with the power sockets, this time there’s more room for flexibility. The acoustic treatment will be housed in special standalone closets on stands, providing space for additional wiring underneath. This means only bare power cables will be installed in several locations, with the sockets added later as needed.

The plan followed by the organization of ceiling speaker cables, UTP cables, and several conduits to facilitate the integration of speaker, signal and other cables. Positioned strategically, two floor outlet boxes are designated to front and the back part of the room to accommodate gear that might find its place here, be it a sim rig or a subwoofer. As for lighting, the plan involves two primary lights, complemented by LED strips to create ambient illumination.

The distribution of cables below the desk ensures that they are secure, firm, and hidden.

Handling the table cables

The office desk area will have a sill duct placed a few centimeters below the desk, ensuring enough space for cables. This is a solution I discovered and successfully implemented in my previous room, proving highly effective for cable management.

To enhance the safety of speaker and projector installations, a planned reinforcement is set above specific locations in the perforated ceiling drywall.

Over the years, my OCPD has dialed down a bit, but not enough to make me overlook cable chaos. Hidden and organized wires are my kind of therapy!

Here’s a complete plan that was sent to the electrical engineer, tasked with preparing the electrical wiring plan for the entire house: