Building new dedicated room for the second time

Part 1: New house, new home theater room. Vintage ES theater II.

Es Theater1 Uhsp8

Fortunate or not, I’ll be constructing a new home theater room, this time within a prefab house. This means I’ll be using (or at least attempting to use) the built-in insulation for acoustic purposes. The new room will be slightly larger, with a net size of approximately 36 square meters (5 x 7 m). The 1:1.4 ratio is expected to contribute to a more acoustically pleasant environment. This time, there will be only one window, serving as the access point to the balcony.

The prefab manufacturer was flexible enough to allow us to change the floor plans, enabling us to optimize the layout. We relocated the staircase, resulting in a larger kitchen and, by abandoning two smaller rooms, we gained a relatively spacious home cinema room.

I gained some crucial know-how while building the first ES theater, so let’s hope for immediate success this time. You know what they say, the second time’s the charm!

The initial arrangement of the second floor is depicted in blue, while our adjusted version, designed to accommodate the audio room, is presented below in gray.

The initial concept will most likely remain the same: a 7.4.4 layout with a workspace in the back. I’m also hoping to secure some additional space for my simrig.

Now that we’ve sorted out the basics, we can begin negotiations on whether the manufacturer would permit finishing the room without the final layers of drywall/plywood, allowing me to utilize the built-in insulation for acoustic purposes. That would save at least 15 cm of space on three outer walls. More on that in the next post.

In the meantime, I have to prepare a complete plan for electrical wiring. Needles to say, the bulk of the work will be probably concetrated in this room.